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The best way to play Quadlevel with the computer or your friends is to download and register the ZOG engine.  Click on the link above.

Click here to download the Quadlevel ZRF to run in zillions.(Zip format) Quadlevel ZRF Script
As of 4/18/2022. Although the ZOG software is very old, it still plays QuadLevel at a 'Master' level. (That is as Black, there is a UI bug as white, or on flipping the board.) When pitting the newer app downloadable on the main-page against ZOG, the new one plays much better in the opening play, but ZOG eventually is superior at tactics and will win every time.

Quadlevel 3D Chess Version 2.6 - 12/31/02

Executable 740K This is the a Windows installer
(Checked! It still works in Windows 7-64bit 12/26/2013)

Version 2.6 New Feature -

1) Notation now shows up correctly with '3D-Federation' style. It also works when you switch sides.

Version 2.5 New Feature -

1) Fixed bug that occurred when moving a Rook to the bottom corner square (4d8 or d8L4).
2) Now has rudementary move notation, in the original style.  Eventually it will be changed to 3D-Chess-Federation style. I.E) 2c4 instead of c4L2.

Version 2.02 New Feature -

1) Compacted .3dc files.  For example, the gary3.3dc file that came with the 2.0 package went from 105k to 33k.
2) Easier to click on pieces.  No longer forces you to un-click a piece, before clicking on another one.
3) Fixed minor (Ctrl-N) New Game function display problem.
4) Includes a (fools mate) game.

Version 2 New Features -

1) No outlined boxes (‘force fields’ as they were termed by others) around the chess pieces.
2) Now supports 800x600 screen mode.
3) Now has a standard windows help screen.
4) A more normal ‘About’ box.

Still doesn’t have a chess engine.  I am looking for a way to convert a standard chess engine to Quadlevel. When completed I will probably put registration stuff in the file and charge a fee for the one with a computer opponent.

Screen Shot:

Quad-Program Screen Shot